Raw beef with pickles, marinated milk caps and egg yolk

Roasted goat cheese served on lettuces with beets,
pears served with rowanberry sauce

 Dumplings stuffed with game meat served on dried-mushroom sauce

 Fried veal liver served with grilled apples and cranberry sauce

Grilled mountain cheese served on bacon slices
with cranberry and lettuce sprinkled with vinaigrette




Traditional polish beaf tripes with marjoram and nutmeg

 Duck broth served with batter noodles and mushroom dumplings

Porcini mushroom cream soup

Horseraddish cream soup with bacon

Tomato soup with rice

Homemade broth with batter noodles



Main courses

 Trout served with roasted potatoes, cooked vegetables,
horseradish and herb butter

 Grilled salmon served with leek sauce, mustard and
sun-dried tomatoes with horseradish potato puree and green beans

 Grilled chicken fllet with mountain cheese with pepper sauce,
fries and set of vegetable salads

Beef burger with vegetables and bacon served with steak fries

 Cooked beef tongues served with spinach, potato puree,
marinated beets and mustard-horseradish sauce

 Grilled beef steak served with garlic butter, grilled vegetables and fries

 Roasted lamb shoulder in demi-glace served on pearl barley
with vegetables with marinated beets

Traditional pork chop with a bone served
with cabbage and smoked bacon and potatoes puree

Grilled ribs in barbecue sauce with green pepper, fried cabbage and potatoes

 Potato pancakes served with beef stew and set of fresh vegetable salads

Dumplings with sheep cheese and potatoes topped with onion

Tagliolline with porcini mushrooms, blue cheese and spinach

Breaded chicken fingers, golden-fried served with fries
and set of fresh vegetable salads




 Cherries cooked in red wine with honey and cloves served
with vanilla ice cream and puff pastry

Ice cream parfait

Raspberry sorbet served with fruit

 Home made apple pie on vanilla sauce

Pancakes with cottage cheese and fruit and raspberry sauce